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Let me handle your IT workload, so that you can focus on what you are passionate about!  🚀

Personal IT Support.

Sometimes, it’s hard to be an entrepreneur or small business owner.

You are responsible for everything to do with your business. From finding your customers and clients, managing the finances, and making sure you can actually do your work.

These days, the “doing our work” bit is always going involve a computer of some sort. A laptop and mobile phone for sure. And then there is email, a website, and all the other tools and services we need. An office printer? File storage? Google? Microsoft? Zoom? And all those passwords! For the most part these tools services work well, but not always.

How would it feel have access to your own personal IT support consultant?

Someone you can contact quickly and easily without expensive queuing times to a call center. Someone who knows your business IT needs like the back of their hand. Someone who can shoulder your IT burden, and who has the experience to quickly resolve issues, and even to proactively spot potential issues before they arise.

This is Nörtti paikalle.

My name is Alex Metcalfe. I started Nörtti paikalle so I can be just that kind of IT support consultant for you. Our journey starts with a free one hour consultation where I learn about your business. Where it came from, where it’s going. What you love about it, and where your pain points are. From there we together design a bespoke IT support offering which meets your specific needs.

This is personal IT support.

In this video I answer the question, “What is personal IT Support?”.

Most requested IT Support tasks

silver hard drive interals

Data recovery

Starting from 75 €

Clientele: Private and business

Work typically includes:

  • Gaining access to the hard disk via software or physical means.
  • Recovering data to a USB storage device where possible.*

* This is not a forensic service, so we do not attempt to break encryption, or physically rebuild a broken drive.

Nörtti kotiin. Services for websites.

Website development

Prices on request

Clientele: Private and business

  • WordPress / Wix
  • Woocommerce
  • Kajabi
  • Google Analytics
  • .. and more ..
person using laptop computer

Business internet services

Starting from 250 €

Clientele: Business

Work typically includes:

  • DNS configuration for web, email and messaging
  • Configuration of cloud based email providers

Business packages

Business pricing from Nörtti paikalle gives you a flexible way to balance your IT support and budget.

Contact me to create a your own customised package.

* A expected reasonable number of open support requests for a small business or entrepreneur wouldn’t be into double figures. 🙂

These packages cover work performed during normal working hours.

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