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Nörtti paikalle

Personal IT Support services for business and the home.

What is “Personal IT Support”?

Nörtti paikalle connects you with your own personal IT Consultant and Specialist. With other companies you can face long queue times on the phone, and a different support technician each time. Not with us.

With Nörtti paikalle, we build a personal one-to-one relationship between our customers and our consultants. This gives a you consistent support experiences because when we turn up, we already know your set-up and we can get to work right away.

Alex Metcalfe, Nörtti kotiin

About Nörtti paikalle

Nörtti kotiin. IT Services for families, and businesses.

Peace of mind

A comprehensive range IT services. Everything your family or small business will need. Hardware, networking, websites, email.

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What a good movie making app? iMovie, Nörtti kotiin

For everyone

Nörtti paikalle’s customer base includes small and medium size businesses, entrepreneurs, and even families with children!

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Meet the “Nörtti”

My name is Alex. The person behind Nörtti paikalle.

I have over 13 years IT experience, covering almost every aspect of IT Support, and it’s my dream is to bring all this to your small businesses or home.

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Most requested IT Support tasks

Saving the world. One laptop at a time. Nörttoi kotiin.

Laptop repairs

Average cost: 50 – 100 €

Clientele: Private and business

cables connected to ethernet ports

Internet set-up

Starting from: 50€

Clientele: Private and business

person using laptop computer

Business internet services

Starting from 250 €

Clientele: Business

Work typically includes:

  • DNS configuration for web, email and messaging
  • Configuration of cloud based email providers

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