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Business Support

Whether you are just starting out, or have an established business, Nörtti paikalle provides for your business IT environment with a tailored support package for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

We start out with a free easy-going consultation where I get to know the unique needs of your business. We’ll talk about where the your business came from, where you see it going, what you love about your work, and what your challenges are. From this, I will tailor a support offering which will aim to relieve you of your IT burden, and free you to see your business thrive.

Here are a few examples of these methods

‘Hands-on’ IT Support

The bread-and-butter of tradition IT support. The day-to-day work of hardware support and account management.

This is Nörtti paikalle quietly working in the background and helping your business achieve its goals.

Hardware support

MacBook Air. computer repair, IT Support, tietokoneen korjaus

Computers and laptop need repairs and maintenance too! With over 13 years of experience we make laptop upgrades and maintenance painless for you.

Remote support with TeamViewer

We use Teamviewer to provide you with a second-to-none support experience. It’s as it I am sitting right next to you as show me yourself the challenges you are facing. You are remain in control as we work to install, configure, or repair software and devices on your computer.

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