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Hardware support


With over 13 years of enterprise IT service experience, Nörtti paikalle would be happy to provide assistance with the full lifespan of your hardware; computers, mobile devices, printers, and network file servers. Solutions can be “off-the-shelf” products, or bespoke solutions designed just for you.

Repairs, upgrades and maintenance

Over time you might notice that your computer doesn’t feel as fast as it, or apps or websites doesn’t work as well as the used to. Rather than suffer in silence or purchase an expensive replacement, let’s have a conversation around what seems to be the matter, It might be that a hard-drive is full or showing signs of wear. Maybe the operating system simply needs to updated.

What ever challenge you are facing, I firmly believe there is a solution for it, and it would be a joy to be part of that.

Alex Metcalfe Nörtti kotiin working on a laptop

Disposal and recycling

All good things come to an end, and at some point our hardware is no longer fit for purpose. This is the time time when we need to think carefully about disposing of the old hardware.

Modern devices contain many precious metals which can be recycled. We can all play our part in reducing environmental load of our IT equipment. If device still has some life left in it, we can prepare it for donation. If it has genuinely reached the end of it’s life, then it needs to be disposed of safely.

My main concern here, is that your personal data does not fall into malicious hands. The prevention of this is close to my heart. It would be a privilege to give you peace of mind in this matter.

Once we are sure that your data is secure, the hardware can be taken for disposal.

Examples in Finland could be: