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What my customers say

I’ve the privilege to work with some amazing folks. This is some of the customer feedback I’ve received.

Timo M.

“Hyvää ja reilua palvelua. Iso plussa kun asiakkaan ei tarvitse olla nörtti, ja silti ymmärretään mitä tarkoitetaan. Samoin asiat osataan selittää ymmärrettävästi asiakkaan suuntaan.”

Nörtti kotiin. Services for websites.

Liliana M.

“Excellent service!”

Liina S.

Liina and myself have been working together for a while on various projects.

One is lightweight website for her work as a sexual therapist,

The other is for her personal blog which chronicles her journey using bare-foot shoes for year,

A third project has been providing post-production services for her “Takaisin Elämään – Yli uupumuksesta“, which can be found on Supla.

Ben G.

Ben’s daughter’s laptop was running out of storage space, so I provided a consult on the best way forward. The agreed solution was to install an extra hard drive into the laptop.

This case was made easier as the Lenovo laptop in question has a space ready inside for an extra hard drive. If this had not been the case, we still could have increased the storage space, but the process would have been a bit longer and more involved.

Jonathan H.

Jonathan is freelance actor and musician. Now living in Spain, his laptop developed a number of issues which we checked remotely using Teamviewer.

Teamviewer is valuable tool. It is secure, safe, easy to use, and lets me really see what the user is experiencing. The other option is the customer holding a camera phone in front of the computer – this rarely works even half as well.

Emmi U.

“I have worked closely with Alex during my time at Mapvision and highly appreciate his openness, patience and problem-solving skills. We worked together with Alex on various projects related to HR, onboarding and internal communication. He is dedicated to providing excellent customer-centric IT support with a big heart. I can warmly recommend him as your future team member or colleague!”

Tommi M.

“Alex is a great person to work with. He is a subject matter expert on all things IT, from hardware virtualization to networking, and projects are met with expertise and a can-do, solution-driven attitude. Discussions and planning always feel like a breeze with the fun and professional banter that ensues.”

Anne O.

“I have the pleasure to work with Alex at Mapvision. Alex is friendly, helpful and he has great sense of humour. Alex is also very talented in his work as IT Specialist and he has passion for his work. Alex has helped me a lot with day to day IT issues with patience. Together with Alex we worked to create a structure and process for onboarding and exiting employees from the HR/IT perspective. I can recommend Alex anytime! “

laptop HDD storage space

Antti T.

“My laptop hard disk crashed and I was about to loose lots of valuable data. Alex saved the data, consulted on fix or buy evaluation with real service attitude. He changed hard drive, made installations. Great work, speed and value!”