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Meet the nerd

Meet the nerd.

We know I enjoy helping solve IT problems for people, but what else?

My two favourite way to recharge are playing guitar, and working out in the gym. These are great ways to mentally reset myself after focussing on IT tasks.

The guitar is something I have enjoyed since I was around 16 years old, and recently I’ve added singing to the mix too. This photo was taken during an Open Mic event at the Lazy Fox (IG) in Helsinki.

Since a lot of my work is sedentary, I’ve found that working out helps keep the aches and pains away.

What I really appreciate, is that these three things combined engage all the parts of my person. I am stimulated intellectually, creatively, and physically.

And you know what they say?

Happy computer guy, happy computer. 🙂

Why Nörtti paikalle?

“Because I get both computers, and people.”

Through Nörtti paikalle, I want to provide you with not only a comprehensive range of IT services, but something that is delivered in truly people-first manner.

I have over 13 years IT experience, covering almost every aspect of IT Support, and it’s my dream is to bring all this experience to small businesses like your own.

Your computers and IT services should not only work properly, you should also enjoy them.

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