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Nörtti paikalle – New name. Same great service.

Nörtti paikalle new homescreen

Exciting news from Nörtti paikalle.

Hi folks! An informal blog post this time. After a decent amount of “rolling prototyping” as Nörtti kotiin, I’ve opened “Nörtti paikalle” for business! Nörtti kotiin gave me great foundations to build on as a freelancer, but now I’m all in. Business ID and everything. 🙂

Although “Nörtti kotiin” was a great name, I’ve seen my customer base lean more towards business users. Nörtti paikalle (“A nerd for the place”) opens up the concept that I work with entrepreneurs, small business, and families. I provide support on-site, and also remotely.

My dream is that this will enable me to really help make peoples lives easier with respect to their computers and phones. I’ve gathers over 13 years of professional IT experience. Put simply, I want to offer this to entrepreneurs, small businesses and families. Basically, any one who uses a computer, who needs IT support, but doesn’t have a the budget to run, or even outsource, a full IT department.

A quick digression: I was so pleased with myself when I orginally figured out the name “Nörtti paikalle”. I felt that now I had really got a grasp of the Finnish language, jonka puhun aika hyvin. I would walk around proudly with a huge smile on my face, telling folks about what I was doing, and about this great name I’d come up with. And then it came to the domain name. I still remember the moment, watching the smile slowly spread across my Finnish friend’s face, as she asked, “Alex. You do know what ‘Nortti‘ refers to??”… I’ll let you check that link yourself. 😉

On personal level .. my gosh .. it felt that there were so many moving parts to manage single-handedly. To a degree there still are, but with the support of Business Helsinki, TE-Tomisto, friends and family, this is going to work.

If you would like to start a conversation with me, about how I can help make your IT simply work, at home or in the office, I’d love to have a coffee with you!

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