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osTicket – A fresh support system experience!

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Meet osTicket. Our new support system!

‘kay… So… We have a fresh new support system from osTicket in place! There was nothing wrong with the existing system, but I felt that I was already starting to outgrow it.

The new support system from osTicket has the main advantage that, now you can have an account from where you can manage all your tickets easily. You have an account directly on the system, or sign with your Google or Microsoft account.

Having an account means there is less typing when open a ticket. The form now simply asks you to describe the support you would need from me. Your contact details are held in your profile.

When your ticket is updated, you receive an email as normal. You now have the option to reply to the email, and your message will be added to the ticket. This handier than the previous experience when you could only type your message into a webpage, which could be cumbersome on mobile device.

The custom theme by is responsive, so the webpage works perfectly on your PC, tablet, or mobile phone.

To find out more about what is going on behind the scenes, visit!

There’s not really much I can say, other than, “Break something, open a ticket, and let me come and fix it!”.

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